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Faction Structure

 Ruling Lairds

The Bears nation is governed by three ruling Lairds of Caledonia. The duty of these Lairds is to lead the Bears nation on behalf of the three Queens of Caledonia.

Supporting the Ruling Lairds and Queens is the Privy Council on which a further four Lairds, and the Chamberlain of the Clans sit. The council is used to share information between those who govern Caledonia, and to make policy decisions as to the best way to take the nation forwards.


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Laird General

Chief of all Lairds, the Laird General is the Figurehead and leader of the Bears Nation

Laird Protector

Under the direction of the Laird General guides the Bears Nation in matters of state

Laird Defender

Under the direction of the Laird General guides the Bears in the safeguarding of our nation

The Queens of Caledonia embody the three life aspects of Anu ~ the Ancestral mother of Caledonia

Blodwyn - The Maid

Compassionately seeing everything in black & white the Blodwyn stands against unnecessary suffering, murder & violence

Morrigan - The Woman

Passionate, brash, & delighting in battle, the Morrigan stands against any threat that will harm Caledonia & its people.

Cerridwen - The Crone

Keeper of arcane knowledge & rites the Cerridwen, Anu's dark aspect, stands against ignorance, waste and frivolity

The four Caledonia Lairds, commonly referred to as the 'Peoples Lairds' represent the broad range of skills and expertise within the Bears Nation.

Chosen by the Ruling lairds to offer their counsel and wisdom in governance of key areas of prime national interest, the Lairds put forward their views to the Privy Council and work to progress the factions interests.

The Chamberlain is voted for by the Chieftains at the Clan Council every year and acts as the peoples representative to faction command.  The Chamberlain is the only person to sit on both the Privy Council and Chieftains Councils.


The duties of the Chamberlain are two-fold: Firstly, the Chamberlain calls the Chieftains Councils to discuss any issues raised in the Privy Council which the Lairds wish to be discussed, & to take concerns and issues from the people to the Lairds.  Secondly, the Chamberlain acts as the first point of escalation for any clan issues or disputes, & escalates any unresolved issues to the Laochs or Lairds as felt appropriate

Laochs: Led by the Bran Laoch, the Loachs, commonly called the Fianna, are responsible for upholding the laws of Caledonia

Military: Led by the Warleader, supported by Thanes & Shield of Anu the military are responsible for the defence of Caledonia

Guild Masters: Led by the Faction Guild Master the Guild Masters are responsible for liaising with the Guilds of Edreja

Foreign Ministry: Led by the High Ambassador the Foreign Ministry is responsible for maintaining inter-Faction relations

The Priesthood: Led by the High Priest the Priesthood is responsible for maintaining the faith in Anu and her Pantheon

Trade Led by the Faction High Trader our Traders work to resource the faction through procurement & sale of items of power

Ritualists: Led by the Faction High Ritualist our ritualists work to further power the faction through crafting of ritual magic

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